Grad. Students


 GRADUATE STUDENTS of Prof. Jacob Bear

in the Dept. of Civil Engineering, Technion.

Completed their studies for Doctor of Science degree:

  1. Dagan, G. (1965) The Movement of the Interface between Two Liquids in a Porous Medium with Application to a Coastal Collector.
  2. Levin, O. (1966) Optimal Utilization of Aquifers as an Element of a Water Resources System.
  3. Bachmat, Y (1966) Hydrodynamic Dispersion in Non-Uniform Flow through Porous Media Taking into Account Density and Viscosity Differences.
  4. Braester, C.  (1970) On the Flow of Immiscible Fluids in a Fractured Rock with Special Reference to Reservoir Engineering Problems.
  5. Hefetz, E-A. (1972) The Use of Hybrid and Digital Computers for Solving Ground Water Problems (co-advisor: U. Shamir).
  6. Barak, A. (1975) Momentum Transfer Phenomena in Flow at High Reynolds Numbers of a Newtonian Liquid through Anisotropic Porous Media.
  7. Partom, I.  (1978) On the Movement of Salts in the Unsaturated Zone from the Ground Surface to the Ground Water Table.
  8. Berkowitz, B. (1985) On Continuum and Discrete Models for Contamination Transport in fractured Porous Rock.
  9. Bensabat, J. (1986) Heat and Mass Transport in the Unsaturated Zone, with Application to Compressed Air Energy Storage.
  10. Vadas, P.  (1988) Natural Convection in Porous Media (co-advisor: C. Braester).
  11. Gilman, A. (1995) The influence of dissolved salts on heat transport in the unsaturated zone.
  12. Sun, Y. (1995) Optimization of the Pump-and Treat technology for the remediation of Contaminated aquifers.
  13. Wang, F.  (1996) Modeling Nitrogen transport and transformation in soils, subject to environmentally friendly fertilization practices.
  14. Zhou , Q.(1999) Modeling sea-water intrusion in coastal aquifers (co-advisor: J. Bensabat).
  15. Matmon, D. (1999) Penetration of Hydrocarbons into Clays (co-advisor; S. Friedman).
  16. Krasovitsky, L. (2001) Use of surfactants in subsurface remediation (co-advisor: A. Marmur).
  17. Kremen, A. (2004) Forecasting the Nitrogen transport and transformation processes in soils irrigated by reclaimed sewage (co-advisor A. Shaviv).

Completed their studies for M.Sc. degree:

  1. Zeichner, D. (1964) Drainage by Means of Interceptor Lines in Phreatic Aquifers.
  2. Mercado, A. (1966) Mixing of Tracer Labelled Water by Injectingand Pumping in the Same Well.
  3. Breaster, C. (1966) On the Possibility of Oil and Gas Entrapment in the Northern Negev Region.
  4. Lachmi, H. (1966) Estimating the Volume of Flood Waves from Information on Rainfall Series and Corresponding Floods for a Shorter Period.
  5. Gabison, R.  (1969) The Use of a Three-Dimensional Electric Analog for Investigations of the Flow Regimes in Inhomogeneous Anisotropic Aquifers as a Result of Pumping and Artificial Recharge Schemes.
  6. Goldchlager, E.(1970) On the Movement of the Interface in a Coastal Aquifer as a Result of Changes in the Exploitation Scheme.
  7. Mualem, Y. (1970) The Form of the Interface in Steady Flow in a Stratified Medium.
  8. Caspi, I.  (1975) Linear Programming as a Method for Parameter Identification of an Aquifer Model.
  9. Kapuler, I. (1975) Numerical Solution for the Movement of an Interface in a Coastal Multilayered Aquifer.
  10. Weiman (1976) Experiments on Hydrodynamic Dispersion in Porous Media (co-advisor: B. Zur).
  11. Bachu, S. (1977) The Effect of Temperature of Injected Water onthe Stability of Flow in an Aquifer(co-advisor: G. Dagan)
  12. Amir (1979) Optimal Operation of a Coastal Aquifer as aMultiobjective Problem (co-advisor: U. Shamir).
  13. Yaron, I. (1982) A Simultaneous Solution of the Identification and Management Problems of an Aquifer by Means of Linear Programming (co-advisor: U. Shamir).
  14. Grossman (1982) Optimal Annual Management of the Coastal  Aquifer in Israel – Quantity and Quality Considerations (co-advisor: U. Shamir).
  15. Peled (1982) The Movement of Pollutants with Ion Exchange in the Unsaturated Zone (co-advisor: I. Rabina).
  16. Menier, P. (1983) Reletive Permeability in Anisotropic Porous Medium.
  17. Levin, O. (1984) The Behavior of Aquifer Systems with Special Reference to the Aquifers of Northern Arava.
  18. Orenstein, Y. (1985) Phosphate Transport to the Groundwater Table through the Unsaturated Zone (co-advisor: Y. Avnimelech)
  19. Margolin, Y. (1986) Well testing under simultaneously changing pressure and flow rate – the air chamber test (co-advisor: C. Braester)
  20. Pat (1986) Dispersion in Unsaturated Flow, with Emphasis on the Effect of Moisture Content (co-advisor: I. Rabina).
  21. Gerby (1991) A Comparative Analysis of Different Approaches to the Problem of Sea Water Intrusion into a Coastal Aquifer (co-advisor: C. Braester).
  22. Krasovitsky, L. (1997) Mathematical modeling of soil salinization processes.
  23. Kremen, A.  (1999) Modeling leaching processes in a landfill (co-advisor: A. Shaviv).